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January 13, 2021

30 Entrepreneur Interview Podcast Episodes

Useful and interesting entrepreneur interview podcast

I interviewed 30 entrepreneurs with the goal of creating a useful and interesting entrepreneur interview podcast to share with others. It’s been a few years, but many of the interviews are still relevant, and so we wanted to bring them to the top of the page. Our guests span topics from online marketing and legal advice, to inspiration and how-tos, to sourcing and drop-shipping. You’ll hear about the ups and downs of their entrepreneurial journey. Here are just a few highlights:

Kevin Harrington Entrepreneur Interview

Entrepreneur interview highlights

Pat Flynn Entrepreneur Interview

Podcasting is a journey!

Over this series of entrepreneur interviews, you’ll notice both my equipment/recording quality, and my own comfort level on the mic improve greatly. Podcasting is a learning journey. This just goes to show that you can get started today, and figure it out as you go! 

Starting your own podcast can help your business or maybe even be your business. Podcasting is a fun way to dive deeper into interesting topics and then share what you learn with others. Podcasts can even be a great excuse or reason to meet new and interesting people—maybe even famous people. I sent out a lot of cold emails to get some of these interviews, and when it worked, it worked! I also got a lot of nos and no responses, but that’s just part of it. 

If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, I have a few recommendations for podcasting software here, on the resources page

I hope you enjoy these entrepreneur interview podcasts—and find them useful, interesting, and inspiring!

Cheers from Montana,


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