My favorite resources for Entrepreneurs


I'm  Pete.

I've been running Think Entrepreneurship since 2011 and my Niche DIY site named since 2014. I've used a lot of software over the days and learned what works best for my situation. You'll find my favorite software and business tools below.  


Recommended Resources

*Please note affiliate links are used, meaning we do get a small commission for recommending the products that we use and believe in. Thank you for helping support the site and mission. 

Website hosting


Big Scoots

I've used a number of hosts over the years and ended up moving to BigScoots in 2020. They helped migrate the sites for free and have been very helpful and quick to respond if I ever need anything. Their hosting is super affordable and their customer service is fantastic. 

Online course software


Kajabi is an all in one solution for creating an online course, membership site, website creation, digital products, and email marketing. I currently use Kajabi along with a couple niche websites to create digital products. The overall cost includes email marketing which is a big reason I use them for the niche sites.

Email Marketing and Automation

Convertkit email marketing


Convertkit is an email marketing platform we use to manage our email list. This powerful software has all sorts of automations, sequences, and tags to help automate and run your business. The founder Nathan Barry is a great person and I go to the company's annual conference named craft and convert. 

Accounting software to run your business

Quickbooks accounting for entrepreneurs


Quickbooks online is my favorite software for running my businesses. It is easy to connect the software with bank accounts so you can can all expenses and income in one place. It is easy to run payroll and you can quickly take photos of receipts and upload them to the app. I'd highly recommend using quickbooks for your accounting. Most accountants love it when their clients use it! 

Shopping carts



Shopify is my favorite shopping cart for running an ecommerce store with physical products. I used Shopify while I owned my ski and trail sign company and it was fantastic.   



Payhip is awesome if you are looking to sell digital products like ebooks, project plans, or any digital download. It is cheap and quick to get started and they have competitive rates. I've used Gumroad in the past, but they increased their rates and I found payhip to be a much better platform.   



Samcart is an amazing shopping cart for digital products and even physical products. They have about every integration and payment gateway imaginable. This would be best for people with digital products and are serious about selling a lot of product. They also have online course software built in.    

Phone software to run your business



Having an 800 number will boost your companies credibility and make it look like you are running a bigger company than you might be. Grasshopper provides you with an 800 number that can forward directly to your cell phone or employees phones. In addition, you can set up different departments for a caller to be directed to. Their app works great and is easy to use.  

High interest savings account


Marcus by Goldman Sachs

For many years, I've kept uninvested cash in my bank accounts like Wells Fargo where the interest rate is ridiculously low at about .15%. If you had $300,000 sitting in an account you'd make $450 in a year. With a high interest savings account at say 3.75% you'd make $11,250. With Marcus, you get an additional 1% on top of the 3.75% for 2 months. You can continue to get the higher percentage if you refer friends or family to them. The beauty of a high interest savings account is you can take the money out at any time after the initial 7 days. I am not a financial advisor, but I definitely love the flexibility of this type of account and making the extra interest on the money is fantastic!