Shawne Merriman recently transitioned from a career in the NFL to launching a brand named Lights Out. Shawne's focus and hard work on the field helped him stand out as a star in the league. He's taken his passion and focus into the world of business and is now running the Lights Out Brand. This football player turned entrepreneur shares what he's learned along his startup journey and what advice has helped him launch quickly.


Shawne's site can be found at http://www.lightsoutbrand.com

Episode 19 Show Notes – In this episode Shawne talks about

  • The transition from the football field to becoming an entrepreneur
  • How his celebrity status helped his credibility
  • The importance of having passion for what you do
  • Why he went back to get his MBA
  • The importance of giving back

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Shawne's Favorite Book

Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance – by Michael Porter

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