Kevin Harrington Interview

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I had an absolute blast getting to speak with Kevin Harrington. Kevin is an amazing entrepreneur and known as the “King of Infomercials.” Some of the products he's most famous for are the Food Saver Storage System and Tony Little's Gazelle exercise equipment. He was an investor on ABC's hit tv show Shark Tank for the first few years and is now working hard to help entrepreneurs through his project named the Key Person of Influence. Kevin has a lot of energy and is an amazing individual.


Episode 2 show notes

Favorite Book 

Key Person of Influence  – (Since interviewing Kevin I read the Kindle version). I'd highly recommend it to any entrepreneur looking to go to the next level. You'll learn all about creating a pitch and how to productize yourself.)


Favorite Entrepreneur Quote

“Life's Battles Don't Always Go To The Fastest And Strongest, Sooner Or Later, Those Who Win Are Those Who Think They Can”


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