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January 3, 2013

7 Tips for Better Email Marketing Results

Email Marketing TipsMany consumers like to keep in contact with retailers via email offers. How are your email campaigns going? Are they effectively ushering more traffic through your store's doors? There is always room for improvement. How can you make your email campaign more effective?

Subject Heading

A lot of thought is placed upon formulating news article titles. Editors understand readers are fickle, mostly grazing through offered information. Titles catch a reader's attention, inviting them to continue or invoking disinterest. Spend time on crafting a catchy subject heading. Otherwise, all the energy that goes into the message may never take fruition with every recipient. Some spend just as much time on the title than the actual copy of the email.

Hire a Marketing Writer

You have limited space/time to make an impression on readers. Don't waste a good opportunity to make a solid impression. You could write the email yourself; however, your expertise may be in business and not writing or marketing. There are people who specialize in Interim Marketing Jobs because they can help boost revenue in your business. You need a marketing writer to compose your message for you. You would hire a designer to design your logo, right? The logic is comparable. Remember everything your business produces is making an impression on your consumers. Make it count.


Articles are broken into small pieces, using subheadings. This makes reading easier. Imagine if this page was one huge block of text. Would it seem more daunting to approach? Would you even begin reading it, or look for a URL which is more visually inviting? Ensure you're not turning the reader away before they even make it to the first sentence! Use white space to your advantage. It makes a stream of text more inviting to a reader. It's also a reason books are broken up by pictures; it subconsciously alerts readers of approaching breaks from reading.

Incentive to Act

What is the end goal of your endeavor? Do you want someone to buy a product? Do you want them to come to a sale? Do you want them to utilize a coupon? What's the incentive to react? What are the benefits of reacting? For instance, a time-sensitive coupon makes a larger impact; there are consequences to their action. Abiding to time saves them money. Passing on the opportunity wastes an opportunity to save. You want a reaction. Prompt the reader to react in some way.

Use Testimonials

What do other consumers think of your business and its products? You, the provider, will speak well on your behalf. That's no surprise. Implementing consumer testimonial is a signal of trust, making an impression on other potential customers. Make the testimonial more valid by including the person's name and contact information. Otherwise, one could assume the testimonial was falsely created. Consumers trust other consumers more than advertising and marketing copy.


The ‘tone' and ‘style' of the email should be aligned with your brand and the message. Adopting an informal tone in email when other text associated with your brand is highly formal could throw readers off. Conversely, if yours is a brand associated with fun and humor, don't try to be too professional with your direct emails. Consumers respond to consistency.


How beneficial was your particular email campaign? If you don't track it in some way, you'll never know if one email fared better than another. You won't be able to hone in on perfection. Ensure you are tracking your email campaigns. This could be achieved through a coupon code, a specific online landing page, or exclusive product offer. Data is a marketer's best friend, allowing one to gauge the success of particular offers and the way they are presented.

About the Author:
Valerie Cecil is a research coordinator, marketing specialist and writer for Outbounding.com. Her work allows her to investigate many topics, ranging from online consumer relations to effective communication in the workplace. Her hobbies include kayaking, watercolor, and doing marketing work for www.retailpackaging.com.

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