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March 2, 2023

10 Life Hacks / Just Things That Are Working for Me

Here's a list of 10 life hacks for 2023. Well, it's kind of a list of life hacks and kind of just a list of things that are working for me right now—after 33 years of research… or living life. Maybe you're already doing some or maybe you can comment below with more ideas. Let's jump in!

Drink Water Life Hacks

1. Drink water, room temp

Water is nature’s energy drink—you know that, right? Water helps your body function in so many ways, from regulating energy levels and preventing headaches, to lubrication and digestion, etc. etc. I binge watched Zac Efron’s series “Down to Earth” on Netflix and episode 2 is all about water; how important it is for our bodies and for the planet. Drinking water also gives you little built-in breaks: stopping to take a drink, refilling your glass or bottle, and, well, peeing. Try it room temp—it takes a little getting used to but it's easier for your body to handle than ice cold water. Plus, it doesn't fall flat if you come back to it a few hours later.

Coffee Routine Life Hacks

2. Stick to a morning routine

This is the opposite of making your days feel different, I know, but it's good to have a starting point for your day. If you drink coffee or tea, you've got yourself at least a few steps of a routine. Try to avoid your phone if you can, or use it mindfully, like try to get positive news or inspiration through an app like Headspace.com. A combination of breakfast, shower, getting dressed, read or listen to something, maybe even exercise?  

Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Life Hacks

3. Enjoy more cold brew with decaf

If you know cold brew coffee, you know—it's strong stuff! And it goes down easy, almost too easy. (I used to have a whole business making cold brew). As I've gotten older and more in-tune with my body, I now make cold brew with about 2/3 decaf coffee and only 1/3 regular caffeinated coffee. Just measure out the different types of coffee beans but otherwise everything else is the same as making regular cold brew. Find the ratio of decaf that your body likes best!

Sangeon Radio Life Hacks

4. Listen to the news on an old-fashioned radio

There's something satisfying about turning on an old radio with an analog click and dials, no voice commands or touch screens in sight. I really like these Sangeon speakers. They make a variety of styles, including 80s vibe and more classic wood finishes. I have the WR-7GW model, pictured above next to a lemon for scale (I was out of bananas). The reviews are solid and I've had great luck so far with mine after several months. One knob turns on the radio, and, importantly, you can also use bluetooth for music or podcasts. The lithium ion battery recharges and lasts a long time, and it's tiny and wireless when not charging, so you can just take it to whatever room you're in.

Athleisure Allbirds Life Hacks

5. Discover athleisure

We live in a golden age of athleisure—athletic apparel you can wear for more than just athletics. Fancy sweatpants, comfy sweatshirts, and cushy sneakers are acceptable as normal clothing in and out of the house. I get a bunch of instagram ads for all different companies making pants, including stretchy, indestructible khakis. Pair some cashmere sweatpants with sustainable, cloud-like Allbirds shoes and you're living a life of luxury.

Phone Alerts Life Hacks

6. Turn off alerts on your phone

For me, having email and all the other apps on my phone is liberating in a way, because I don't have to lug my computer or a camera around or make a big deal out of computer time. I simply turn off alerts when I need to focus / don't want to work / …most of the time. Can do just the email alerts, or everything all together with the orange little side switch on an iPhone. 

But if you're sick of your too-smart phone, you should know about the Light Phone. The Light Phone features only simple “tools,” like calling and texting, but no photos or social media, and has an E-ink screen like a Kindle.

Deep Focus Motorcycle Carburetor Life Hacks

7. Feel Zenned-in with deep focus

Most of us humans don't focus like humans used to. I heard about “deep focus” somewhere and it really struck a chord with me. Turns out that spending time deeply focused on just one thing is really good for your brain. When I build a DIY project or wrench on a motorcycle, I can spend hours in deep focus, visualizing how things fit together, crunching numbers, working with my hands, problem solving. I used to use the phrase “Zenned-out” but now I say that I'm “Zenned-in” when I'm totally focused… above: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (cleaning a double carburetor 😉

diy pete loreto mexico

8. Travel via travel shows

Learn about places and cultures through the next best thing, TV. I will always recommend Rick Steve's Europe . Rick Steve's is fun and informative, and has A LOT of episodes, but I was just wanting to try something else. The universe answered with Travel Man, a fast-paced, quirky British take on traveling, hosted by Richard Ayoade as he spends a weekend “holiday” with a different, diverse companion each show. Down to Earth with Zac Efron is also a great travel show with a focus on sustainability and health. He explores cities and jungles across the globe, and brings a little bit of hope for the future of our planet.

Grateful Dinner Life Hacks

9. Saying “Grateful” at dinner

At our table, we say one thing that we're grateful for each day. Can be a big idea, can be very small. It makes you think and reflect on the day in a grounding way. Even when things seems bad, there are still things to be grateful for.

10. Dance daily

Surely you've got a song that always makes you dance. Keep that in your back pocket for when you're feeling tired but have to keep going. Could even be part of your daily routine. I like to take a break with Breakbot: dance & stretch party every afternoon at 3 o'clock.  


Thanks for reading and I hope you can try some of these! Which one will you try first? Comment below with what's working for you!

Hey, Hi, Hello-Goodbye,


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