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March 30, 2021

Why I’ve used the Grasshopper phone system for years

Look more professional with Grasshopper

I’ve used Grasshopper for my online businesses for years and I wanted to share why I like it so much with my fellow entrepreneurs.

Grasshopper allows you to use custom phone numbers and separate business calls from personal calls—all on the same smart phone. It helps me to interact with my clients and customers in a much more professional way than using my personal cell phone number.

Plus, it has several more features that I’ll get into. One of the handiest features is that you can text through the business number. And the most important feature is that a virtual receptionist/menu can forward calls to any team member’s phone, wherever they are.

Because I've used Grasshopper for so long and have a great relationship with the company, Think Entrepreneurship is able to offer special discount coupon to get ya started with Grasshopper!

VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol

It's a Voice Over Internet Protocol phone, or VOIP, which means that it uses the internet to send and receive calls, instead of traditional phone networks. However, don't cancel your normal phone service—you'll still need it to use your original phone number. 

Grasshopper pricing ranges from $26/month to $80/month, depending on how many phone numbers and extensions you need.

There's an app for it

Grasshopper has an app for both mobile phone and desktop computer. You’ll mostly interact through your phone—that’s the whole point. But there are a few features that are easier to access and/or get set up on the computer. 

Grasshopper vanity number examples

800, vanity, and local numbers

If you’ve always wanted 1-800-YOUR-BUSINESS, Grasshopper is where you can get that number. They offer 800 numbers as well as several other prefixes, like 888 down to 833. You may have to be creative because a lot of numbers are unavailable at this point. That’s why the additional prefixes have been added, to allow for more custom vanity numbers.

You can also get a not-so-flashy local number if that’s more your style. This can be useful if your normal cell number is not from the area. It's also nice if you're a local company like a restaurant or plumber.

Separate business and personal calls and texts

One of the biggest reasons Grasshopper is great is because it keeps your business and personal calls separate—even though you can still use the same phone for both.

When your client or customer calls the business number, you’ll know that it’s an incoming business call. You'll know to answer with a professional greeting. Or if your business is “closed,” you know that you don’t have to answer it.

You can also text from your Grasshopper business number, which is really handy these days. A lot of people are more comfortable texting than calling, so I think this is actually a really important capability.

Grasshopper Call Forwarding / extensions

Grasshopper is awesome and necessary for remote work business models

Grasshopper has an easy to use interface to help you create a professional reception menu. “Press 1 for sales, press 2 to speak with Katy,” etc. Each number can route to a different phone connected through the system.

The ability to direct calls to different phones also makes Grasshopper a great choice for businesses with remote workers in all different locations. Remote work has been a necessity during the Covid era. And most signs point toward remote work continuing to be a trend for the future.

Conclusion and affiliate disclaimer

This was just a quick post about why I like Grasshopper so much and how it makes my businesses more professional. I have used Grasshopper for several years and I've always had a great experience.

For a more in-depth review and comparisons between other VOIP services, check out my other post here: Best 800 Number Service.

I have a great relationship with Grasshopper and I want you to know that I help promote them through affiliate marketing. So I really appreciate it when you click through the links if you decide to purchase them ~ I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Thanks for reading!

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Why I’ve used the Grasshopper phone system for years

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