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November 8, 2012

Working for Yourself and Managing the Stress!

Stressed Entrepreneur

Being an Entrepreneur isn't as easy as everyone says it is.

Working for yourself, managing your own business, and creating your own hours is a wonderful feeling, but what happens when the road gets tough? What do you do when your cash flow starts to diminish and things are looking grim? What about when you are stressed to the max and simply “Over Your Business?”

Relax and Take a Deep Breath

To start, close your eyes and slowly take in deep breaths for 3 seconds. Remember, you could be working for a paper-pushing boss that doesn't appreciate your hard work and who's coffee mug needs cleaning each morning. Things could definitely be worse then stressing the not-so awful feeling of working for yourself.

Let's cut to the chase, so you're stressed and working from the home office, couch, bed, recliner, or what have you. We've all done it. What better place to work then your own home… Right??? WRONG! The dog has to go to the bathroom, the dishes need to be cleaned, your clothes are stacking up, and the TV's signal is flickering!!

Entrepreneur Stress Scenarios and Tips to Overcome Them

Too Many Distractions in the House to get Stuff Done.

  • Give yourself the dedicated space to work just as you would at a “real job.” Set up a desk in the corner, convert a bedroom into a dedicated home office/room, or sit down at your kitchen table and focus on the business. Make sure you keep things consistent and try to separate your work life from family time. Work is work and home is home. There needs to be a fine line between the two.
No plan, Scatter Brained, and Unable to Follow Through
  • Have a solid plan for each and every day. There's nothing worse then sitting at your computer not knowing what to do next. This is especially true when you have a 10 item list on your to-do agenda! Leads need to be generated, people need to be emailed, and flyers need to be sent out. Get a to-do list and check each task off appropriately! Related article on Writing Down Your Goals
Lonely and Need Interaction to Boost Self Esteem
    • Entrepreneurs often find they become lonely working for themselves. For instance, do you dread talking to just your dog every day because you no longer have co-workers? Well, get your lonely stressed-out butt off the chair and get out in your community a few hours a week. Simply talking to new faces, generating leads, attending Young Professional Groups/Chamber of Commerce events, etc can be very healthy for yourself and the business.

8 More Simple Ways to Overcome Entrepreneurial Stress

  • Take a break! If you're stressed out, you aren't going to be efficient or profitable. Step away for a few minutes until you've cleared your mind.
  • Go exercise. Take a walk, head to the gym, go for a run, or hit up your local ski/snowboard resort. Perhaps shoot a few hoops out in the driveway. Physical activity will help release the stress. Related article on How Running and Exercise Relieves Stress
  • Turn off your personal Social Media accounts. Distractions are your worst enemy!
  • Take a 20 minute power nap! It's a beautiful thing, so take advantage of not having a boss and go charge up your batteries for round two!
  • Create a music playlist. Having that motivational music you love hearing every day can get you through the most stressful times. Have a certain playlist ready at all times that you can jam to!
  • Ask yourself, is it really worth stressing about?

One last Note…

I have the saying below on the background of my iPhone. I unfortunately don't know the author but it is a great reminder to relax and step back once in awhile.

The next time you are feeling all stressed out…. Take A STEP BACK, take a DEEP BREATH and just try to LAUGH.
Take a second to REMEMBER exactly who you are, what you are about, and what you STAND for.
NOBODY will ever give you anything in this world that YOU cant handle!
Remember to be STRONG, be ADAPTABLE, appreciate YOURSELF, appreciate OTHERS, and keep moving POSITIVELY forward.
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Guest post by Zach Dosch – www.zachdosch.com – Independent Web Development Consultant

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