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Holiday Gift Guide : 100 Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Finding the perfect gift is never easy. That's why I've compiled a Holiday Gift Guide for entrepreneurs with ideas for all sorts of things... Like electronics, fitness equipment, games, outdoor gear, watches, and so on. Many of the items I own, and if not they were...

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7 Weekly productivity Hacks

Weekly planning is an integral part of running a successful business. Creating a plan will keep you on track to meet your yearly goals, help you track results, analyze your business, and keep stress off your back.  Start planning today by following these 7...

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Fitness Fun: 10 Ideas for the Entrepreneur

Making fitness fun is paramount to laying the foundation for living a healthy, energized life. This is especially important for entrepreneurs. Here are a few reasons why exercising is so important not only for our physical health, but also our mental health....

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20 Gift Ideas for the Female Entrepreneur

Photo by Michael Schwarzenberger Gifts can be tricky, but we're here to help! Here are 20 gift ideas for the female entrepreneur in your life, sure to make her smile. 1. Espresso Machine Coffee is the lifeblood of most entrepreneurs. Give the gift of early morning...

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How To Start Blogging: 10 Ideas For The Stay-At-Home Mom Every stay-at-home mom comes to a point where she just needs a break. Why not take that break in the form of a blog? Put down the dirty diapers for an hour a day and start sharing with the world something you love, and the best part – get paid doing it!...

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10 Unique Tips To Wake Up Early

wake up early Photo by Mircea Ploscar Getting yourself to wake up early can be challenging, however, the benefits of waking up early can also be quite rewarding.  Studies have shown that the early morning riser is usually more proactive, optimistic, healthier, and...

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What Accounting Software Should Entrepreneurs Use?

I borrowed repeatedly from the, but at the last loan there were difficulties with repayment, they went to meet me - they gave restructuring and now, I pay gradually. I want to express my gratitude to the management for their excellent team, they are always polite, they will gladly advise you. Thank you very much for understanding.

It can always seem to be a daunting task: the task of accounting for your small business. If you're able to put in some work inputting information, researching, and more then you can save yourself a lot of money versus paying for an accountant. Hiring an accountant is...

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