Podcasts have increased in popularity over the past few years and have become an excellent source for information. Simply put, a podcast is an audio recording that is uploaded to the internet and available to download from a website or the iTunes store. People express thoughts, share knowledge, and educate people through podcasts. Many popular radio shows and news stations also record their audio and make it available in audio form. The vast majority of podcasts are free and most contributors consistently create new content to share on a regular basis.

People create podcasts on just about every topic imaginable. Whether you want to get the latest tech news, learn how to blog,figure out a new language, or become a marketing guru; you will get valuable information from the podcasts.

One thing I really like about podcasts is that they allow me to multitask. Instead of listening to music when I go for a run, I put the latest podcasts on my iPod. Listening to the audio while running takes my mind off exercise and focuses it on the tips and information I am getting from the podcasts. It seems like I can run 5 times longer with podcasts because I am focused and motivated by the them. They are also excellent to listen to while you are driving or on the airplane.

There are about ten podcasts that I listen to religiously on my ipod. One of my favorites is The Daily Boost from MotivationtoMove.com . The Daily Boost is hosted by Scott Smith (a speaker, coach, and former news broadcaster). The 9-minute Daily Boost audio program is your secret to eliminating stress, advancing your career, mastering communication and relationship skills – and, well, just plain staying focused on your goals. You can either download them to your iPod via iTunes or from his site. You can also click: Listen Now to listen instantly on your computer.

My other favorite podcast is called Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn. The Smart Passive Income Blog reveals all of his online business and blogging strategies, killer marketing tips, and tricks so you can be ahead of the curve with your online business or blog. His podcasts often talk about automation, outsourcing, crowdsourcing, search engine optimization, building authority and trust, niche sites, social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Podcasting, eBooks, online courses, affiliate marketing, getting things done and everything that works (and doesn't work) to help you better understand how to crush it with your online business.

I plan to create a podcast about various entrepreneurship topics and will also be conducting a few interviews via podcasting. Stay tuned to the Think Entrepreneurship blog for more details. Please leave a comment about this post if you'd like!