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May 14, 2012

The Power of a Handwritten Thank You Note and How it Will Help Your Business

Not Just a Thing of the Past

Handwritten thank you notes are not just a thing of the past. While you might not see many these days, the cards you do send or receive will mean more than you'd ever think. Handwritten notes are a powerful way to send a message to a customer to thank them for doing business with your company. They don't actually take that long to write, and your company will stand out amongst others because of the 5 extra minutes you took to write the note.

Handwritten Thank you Notes

A photo of the handwritten notes I've received in the recent months.
(Thanks for making me the awesome chalkboard Mom!)

Why don't many companies send handwritten Thank You Notes?

Many companies don't send handwritten thank you notes because they don't realize how important they can be in building a relationship with a customer. Businesses that do realize the importance of saying thank you will surely win browny points with their customers or patients. Although it is hard to write a thank you note for every customer, send a few from time to time to your larger accounts or most loyal clients. If you are growing so large that it is hard to find time for notes, hire someone to help write them for you.

Stick out from the Competition

Taking the time to write a handwritten thank you note will take you a notch above your competition. I've talked to a number of entrepreneurs about the role thank you notes play in their business. They've noted that everyone sends surveys and emails these days. Only a small percentage actually takes the time to do a thank you note. I know a doctor who sends thank you notes and gift cards to each patient who refers in a new patient. The thank you notes and special gifts have certainly brought more business into his clinic.

What a Thank You Note Means to your Patient, Client, or Customer

Thank you notes show that you truly care about your client doing business with you and that you want to go the extra mile to personally say thanks. I receive thank you notes from companies as well as testimonials and thank you letters from customers. Each letter I get goes on a cork board for everyone at the office to see. I read them from time to time because the thank you letters to our business are inspiring and remind me of why I blog and run my E-commerce store. Feedback and thank you's are rewarding and motivational.

Including a Handwritten Note with an Order

For every order shipped out at ThinkEntrepreneurship and Signs of the Mountains, we include a quick note to the customer that is personalized to them. If we know something about a customer's family, dog, or favorite hobby; we'll mention it. For instance, you could say congratulations on their son graduating from high school. If they enjoy running, wish them good luck with their next big race. One little personalized sentence will help the customer remember you and return for your products or services.

Handwritten thank you notes will win you business

Handwritten Thank You Notes sent out to readers who've ordered Think Entrepreneurship T-shirts from us.

How to Make Writing a Thank You Note Simple

I used to think it was a lot of work and so time consuming to write a Thank you note. I'd have to go find stamps, dig out the thank you cards, find a nice pen, and gather the address information.

– Simplify the Process

To simplify the process, I now have everything in one place. I buy a big pack of “forever” stamps from Costco and put them in an organizer on my desk. Next to the stamps are nice Thank You cards with an envelope, along with a ball point pen. You can find all sorts of great looking Thank You cards online (here are the cards I currently use) or at a local store. Buy 50 or more so you always have plenty on hand. I store all customer addresses in a database on the computer which allows me to quickly and easily gather the necessary shipping information. Next, spend a couple minutes writing a note. Once the note is complete add the address information and then take it to the post office with your next shipment or order that needs to go out. It honestly doesn't take even 5 minutes to write a thank you, and if everything is in one place the process is much easier.

The Power of a Handwritten Thank You Note


Writing thank you notes means a heck of a lot to the person receiving them. The notes will create loyal customers, increase referrals, and help in building a great relationship with your clients or patients. Handwritten thank you notes can be simple and quick to write if you have all of your materials in one place. Make writing a few thank you notes a part of your day and your satisfied customers will certainly reward your company's bottom line. Take action today!

Please share your experiences with handwritten notes. Let us know how handwritten notes have helped increase your sales or customer satisfaction. 

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    1. Dustin, thanks for your comment. I thinks it is great that you are starting to do handwritten notes for patients who send in referrals. I know it will be great for your Chiropractic business. Cheers – Pete

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