I came across the quote mentioned below while reading The All-Star Sales book by Billy Cox. The moment I read the quote, I could relate to it 100%. This is a very powerful quote that we should all think about from time to time. So often people have an idea or a business and they lose faith in it or lose the passion they initially had. Their company might not be at the stage they'd like it to be, and when they see another idea or business flourishing they jump ship and abandon their business for a new one.

Water your lawn quote - Focus on your business I would be willing to guarantee that the business doing well has gone through its fair share of ups and downs. They've thought about giving up and moving on to something new. But there is something that differentiates them from the majority of the crowd. They believe in themselves and are persistent.

 Persistent: persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles,discouragement, etc.; persevering: a most annoyingly persistent young man.

We all have friends and family members going from one job to another or from one business idea to the next. Although many have the potential to be great opportunities, the person doesn't stick with it.

My theories why people move from one business to another

  • Think Entrepreneurship moneyPassion: I believe part of the shortcoming could be due to a person's passion for the business. I know I've started businesses with the dollar sign in mind, and not necessarily a passion for the business. When that occurs, the business is short lived. You need to believe in your idea and be 100% passionate in it.
  • Focus: It's tough to stay focused on the task at hand. So many of us are a Jack of All Trades, have a little ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), or are scatterbrained (See my article on a Jack of All Trades and focusing on your core business). We need to overcome our pitfalls and focus on the core business if we want to be successful. We need to focus on becoming the best company with the most knowledge about our products or services.
  • The Get Rich Quick Mindset: So often people think short term and don't strategize and look at the big picture. No one becomes a millionaire overnight, unless you are friends with a Genie in a Bottle and they grant you a wish! Building a business takes time, effort, and persistence. Take a look at blogging for example. You probably know about 5 friends who started a blog for 2 months, didn't see any traffic, and gave up. The 1 person that actually sticks with it will start to see an increase in traffic over time. Bloggers who stick with it a few years will pull through and start to succeed. It all takes time. Be persistent!

Please think about what you must do to build and make your business flourish. The more we water and fertilize it, the more success we'll have and the more people will want to check it out and see how we've been so successful. Stick with it, persevere, and good things will happen. Most importantly, follow your passion….