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Think Entrepreneurship is a community full of Entrepreneurs looking for startup advice, tips from other entrepreneurs, and inspirational stories. Our readers are well educated, motivated, and very accepting to advice from other entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to inspire and help as many entrepreneurs as possible. In order to do this, we will travel the country to hear your story.

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The Think Entrepreneurship Podcast officially began April 18th 2013 and has already become a top pick on the iTunes podcast charts. We have been a top 5 podcast in the New and Noteworthy Section in competition with all podcast genres on the market. We are also rated toward the top in the business, education, and technology categories. The Think Entrepreneurship podcast currently has an average of 1300 downloads per day and is growing each day.

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Past guests include Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank Investor) and Fran Tarkenton – NFL Hall of Fame and Legend. We have seen as many as 1800 downloads per day. Here is a photo of us showing up in the number 1 spot in the iTunes business section of New and Noteworthy.

Think Entrepreneurship  - Top Business Podcast

Hunting GPS Maps Interview with Founder Eric Seigfried

Pete (Founder of ThinkEntrepreneurship) with interviewee and Co-Founder of Hunting GPS Maps.

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