I recently had the opportunity to learn about an innovative technology company in Missoula, Montana that creates hunting software for GPS devices and computers. The Montana based company is named Hunting GPS Maps and is rapidly catching the attention of many hunters, ranchers, and outdoors people. Hunting GPS Maps creates map software that shows who owns land and where property boundaries are. It is often very hard to distinguish where public land, private land, and individual property boundaries are. To help simplify the process, Hunting GPS Maps came out with a program that can be installed on any GPS device with a mini SD card slot. To compliment this we've seen most clients installing a ballistic computer to make the experience more accurate and exciting.

Hunters and outdoors people now have the ability to know exactly who's land they are on, which is just as important to them as catching wild game and know if they have permission to hunt the land. In addition to showing property boundaries, the gps software shows the name of the property owner. When it comes to hunting you don't just have to rely on the gps software though. If you are interested in achieving the ultimate hunting experience then you could check out something like these Minox binoculars, there are a load of different binoculars that you could pick, however, you can find out here why Minox binoculars reign supreme to all others. Obviously though, if you are after an easier hunting experience then getting the gps software will help you out.

HuntingGPSmaps.com Founder – Eric Siegfried

1. How did you get the idea to start your business?

I was out hunting one day and really wanted to know exactly where property boundaries were while I was in the field. Having to guess on some property boundaries was very frustrating. So I began trying to come up with ways for me to better understand where these boundaries were. I figured out how to gather the data and began putting the information on Google Earth. That worked but I wanted access to the data while I was in the field, that's when it clicked that I needed to put this data on a GPS. So I began doing research to figure out how to put that data on a GPS.

2. How did you raise capital to finance your venture?

I started the business with the idea of not getting financing for anything. I wanted to pay cash for everything, so if I couldn't afford something I would have to put in the man hours to learn to get it done by myself. For example, website development. I had to start from the basics and figure out how to make a website. I did pay for a few things so I had to work 2 jobs to have money to spend on my new business. Minimizing expenses and maximizing profit using free forms of advertising on the internet was key to the startup of my business.

3. What has been your most effective form of advertising? How are you utilizing new mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Online Forums, and other social networking sites?

The most effective form of advertising for us has been search engine optimization. From the beginning I focused my web design on certain Key Word optimization. This helped get the word out fast, and best of all – it's free. When one person finds it on the internet and tries the product, they love it and tell all their friends. Word of mouth is also very important to us. I utilized Online Forums a lot for the first year as a free form of advertising to a target audience. Now we use Facebook advertising to reach very targeted audiences, to show our customers how we interact with existing customers, and to show how much existing customers love the GPS maps.

4. How many partners do you have and do you have employees? If so how many?

I currently have 7 employees – 5 full time and 2 part time. All employees can become partners with longevity, hard work, and real results that help grow the business.

4. What has been the toughest part about being a young entrepreneur?

The toughest part about being a young entrepreneur is balancing the long hours required to start a business with time for family and personal health.

5. Where do you see your business in 5 years?

In 5 years I see my business being managed and run by a couple key partners who work on very flexible schedules, with me in the background working minimal hours with a flexible schedule and still making a living. The business will continue to be at the forefront of Digital Mapping Technology on many different platforms.

Video about HuntingGPSmaps.com

A special thanks to Eric Siegfried for taking the time to share his entrepreneur story. Hunting GPS Map products can be found online at www.huntinggpsmaps.com and at various retail locations including Sportsmen's Warehouse, Scheels, and Wholesale Sports.