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January 16, 2013

Smooth Tips for Smooth Business Travel

Tips for Traveling EntrepreneursContemporary airport security, along with airlines limiting the amount of luggage passengers can carry, are just two of many factors which drive frequent business travelers up the wall. The process in its entirety, from booking the flight to choosing the best hotel, can be a serious pain if the proper measures aren't taken before and during the trip. Business travel doesn't have to be a recurring nightmare, and following these simple tips can even make the experience enjoyable and productive.

Utilize Credit Card Benefits

One important lesson my travels have taught me is to take advantage of any and all benefits offered by credit card companies when booking flights and lodging. Business credit cards offer discounts up to 10 percent at several major hotels, car rentals, and shipping services. Virtually all business credit cards offer frequent flyer miles or points regardless of what's actually being purchased. These cards should be used whenever possible to maximize savings.

Ship It, Don't Pack It

The number of bags travelers can take with them on an airplane is shrinking by the day. A great way to minimize baggage and ensure you have everything you need is by pre-shipping some luggage to your destination. Brochures, product samples, and even extra clothing can be shipped to your hotel days before you take off to ensure its there when you arrive. This could leave you with only a couple small carry-on bags for your flight, which will save time and hassle with checking extra luggage.

Airport Security Checks

There's no getting around the TSA's thorough and, to some, intrusive security checks before being allowed into the boarding area. The trick to making this process as smooth and fast as possible is selecting the right line. It's best to avoid lines with young children and those with travelers carrying atypical-looking baggage which is sure to be hand-checked. You can also observe how quickly and efficiently airport personnel are working in each line, and avoid the ones taking the longest. Picking the wrong line can be frustrating, especially if it ends up taking hours for you to board because someone in front of you had a suitcase embossed with a skull-and-crossbones.

Workout Made Easy

It seems the first thing frequent travelers neglect is their health and fitness. The built-in excuses are always being too busy and having nowhere to workout. Crunches, prisoner squats, push-ups and stick ups are great exercises that can be done in your hotel room. A routine consisting of these four exercises every morning before you shower can substitute for your regular gym routine and work you harder than you might think. Business travel inevitably means a lot of eating out and consuming a lot of fat and carbohydrates. Walnuts, almonds and raisins can be stored anywhere, are very nutritious, and can be snacked on all day to avoid overindulging at dinner time. Apples aren't only very tasty (regardless of variety), but also have numerous health benefits and are a natural appetite suppressant.

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