Starting a business from your home is a great way to boot strap. However, you might not want shipments delivered to your home. Maybe you are out running errands frequently and are not around to sign for your packages. If this is the case (it was for me), I've found a solution.

I looked into getting a Post Office box but found that many items I order can't be delivered to PO boxes. I found that the UPS store has the same type of setup and will accept all the shipments I needed. For $10.00 per month UPS takes care of signing and receiving all of our shipments.

Normally UPS does not deliver to my home until around 4 in the afternoon. This is a long time to wait for a package. The advantage of having the UPS box is that all UPS ground shipments are delivered at 9:30am. When the shipment is delivered I get a text message letting me know I can pick it up.

Having my shipments so early in the day allows me to manufacture the goods in the same day they are received and thus greatly improves our productivity. I've been very happy with our UPS store. It might be a good option for your company!