Amy Porterfield is an inspiring young entrepreneur who has taken her passion for helping others to a new level. Amy has worked alongside amazing entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, who is a master of business and motivating others through his books and speaking engagements. Amy is the co-author of Facebook for Dummies and is known as the industry expert in Facebook Marketing. She has grown her brand like crazy over the past few years and has helped thousands around the world in building their online presence.


Amy's website can be found at AmyPorterfield.com, where she teaches entrepreneurs how to build their online presence.

Episode 16 Show Notes – In this episode Amy talks about

  • How she has built her following to over 55,000 Twitter Followers and 38,000 Facebook Fans
  • How working with Tony Robbins helps jump start her own business
  • How to Burn Your Boats and go all in
  • Why Facebook is a must for all small businesses
  • How to build your fan base and convert normal fans into super fans
  • How Facebook can build your email list and convert opt-ins
  • How being yourself and not sounding like a huge business will build a stronger relationship.
  • and much more!

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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

Amy's Favorite Book and Podcast

Launch – by Michael Stelsner   Audio Version

Launch – by Michael Stelsner – Book

The Inside Social Media Podcast with Rick Mulredy  – How you can take strategies from big businesses and apply them to your small business

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Favorite Quote

Everything is figureoutable” – Marie Forleo

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