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November 30, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide : 100 Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Finding the perfect gift is never easy. That's why I've compiled a Holiday Gift Guide for entrepreneurs with ideas for all sorts of things… Like electronics, fitness equipment, games, outdoor gear, watches, and so on. There are so many things out there for you to buy people. Like if your friend is a gamer then you could easily buy them an UnrankedSmurfs account if they like playing League of Legends for example. Many of the items I own, and if not they were chosen carefully making sure the feedback and reviews were excellent. You are helping support more entrepreneurial tips, advice, and inspiration by purchasing through the links below, which are affiliate links meaning the site will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!


Nest Thermostat  – I've had a Nest Thermostat for a couple years now and absolutely love it. I can adjust the temperature of my home from the Nest App on a phone from anywhere. It's also convenient for checking on your home while traveling to ensure the heat is on and pipes aren't freezing. You can check out my Nest review and installation video here.

Nest Thermostat gift ideas

Nest Camera – The Nest camera uses the same App as the Nest Thermostat and is an excellent way to check in on your home while away. I have one up at my cabin and another at my home. Check to see if you've had visitors, if a package was delivered, or if you are going to need to shovel snow when you return. This camera is a lifesaver.

Nest camera

Ring Video Door Bell Camera and Door Bell – This little doorbell has a built in camera that will ring your smartphone when the button is pushed. You'll instantly be connected with whomever is at your door via video. It can also be used as a security camera. If you're interested in that kinda stuff, you could even buy a home security camera baby monitor.

Door bell ring

Schlage Touchscreen Lock – Never carry a house key again. This stylish keypad lock allows up to 30 individual codes so you can set one for yourself and other codes for cleaners, dog walkers, and so on. Check out my review and installation video here.

Schlage Touchscreen Lock

Amazon Alexa Echo Dot – This is a pretty nifty device and personal assistant. My older brother and his wife recommended the Echo dot to me and I've been thrilled with it. Simply ask it to play music, call an Uber, get the weather, or tell you the news. This is similar to Siri, but hooks up to stereo and will respond or go to work for you anytime you say the word “Alexa.”

Gift ideas for entrepreneurs amazon alexa
DJI Drone

Drones are a fantastic tool for getting aerial footage. When I ordered my first DJI Drone I was worried about crashing it, but after flying for the first time I realized how easy it really is. Make sure to get it registered with the FAA and to take the courses necessary if you are looking to film for commercial purposes. The extra battery and a carrying case are musts.

Drone for entrepreneur

LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

This little lamp is super bright. The convenient usb charging ports makes it a breeze to charge your phone or small electronic device. Perfect for the desk or a nightstand.

Desk lap for entrepreneur

Whenever you add a subwoofer to a sound system it instantly makes a night and day difference. The Polk subwoofers have great base.

Polk subwoofer

Stereo Receiver

Need the brains for all of your audio and video needs? This device will do the job. It has plenty of hdmi ports and even has bluetooth. It will do a solid job powering your home entertainment system.


Ultra Think Indoor TV Antenna

Thinking about ditching cable? If so, this little antenna is sleek and can be taped to the wall behind the tv so it is out of site. No more ugly bunny ear antennas! It will pick up most of the main networks ( NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox ) and others in high definition.

Best tv antenna

Gifts for the Office

Titan 2 Vinyl Plotter

I didn't realize how handy vinyl plotters are until I bought one to make marketing materials for my businesses including decals for vehicles, stickers, signs, and stencils. One of these machines will pay off in a heartbeat. You can order all of the materials from a site named USCutter. The Titan 2 is a solid little machine. If you think you want something a little more commercial grade I'd recommend the  Graphtec CE-6000.

Vinyl Plotter

Office Chair

I use a standing desk in the office about half the time, and sit the rest of the day. Ergonomics play a huge role in your comfort level and health. This chair won't disappoint.

Office Chair

Efficient Laser Printer

Sick of replacing those expensive ink cartridges every other month? It's time to try out a laser printer. Laser printers are workhorses and all about business. While this doesn't print color, the toner lasts a really long time and the scanner and copier are great.

Laser printer

Label Maker

Perfect for organization around the home and keeping track of your stuff. This little machine is super easy to use and before long you'll be the most organized person on the block.

Label Maker

Fitness Gifts

Six Pack Shortcuts Exercise Program

A few months ago I realized I needed to make a change and lose some weight. After doing some google searching I came across the Six Pack Shortcuts Youtube channel which has over 4 million subscribers. I figured they must be doing something right to have so many followers. I bought their program for $97 and am currently on stage 2 of their 3 stage program. My goal was to lean up, lose belly fat, and feel better. I'm 25 workouts in and am looking much more toned. I've lost 9 pounds, am eating healthier, and feeling good. I'd recommend this to anyone who is up for a challenge and who wants to feel better. This specific program is geared towards men.

Exercises for entrepreneurs

High Quality and Portable Exercise Mat

A portable mat that's big enough for anyone. This 6×6 foot mat is heavy duty and will protect your floor from sweat and the toll of our shoes. It quickly rolls up and has a bag so you can take it with you or store it in the closet.

Best Fitness Mats

Basic Exercise Bench

In need of a good bench for home workouts? This basic bench is made by Adidas, is well built, and has a comfortable cushion.
Fitness Workout Bench

Adjustable Work Bench

Sometimes an adjustable workbench is necessary for workouts. If that's the case, this affordable and quality bench will do the job.

Adjustable Workout Bench


These dumbbells have rubber ends so you won't scratch up the floor. They are affordable and come in any weight you need. For my workouts I typically use 10 or 15 pound dumb bells.


Plyometric Boxes

I have a variety of exercises that require jumping. These boxes come in various heights and work well.
Plyometric boxes

All in One Work Bench and Plyometric Box

If space is a concern in your workout room, you might look into this efficient little bench. It is adjustable for incline press, and also works well as a small plyometric box.

Pull Up Bar

Install this pull up bar in just a few minutes. It will be a great addition to your home gym.

pull up bar

Fit Sok

Best socks ever! These socks wick away sweat like no other. They also don't have the stench most socks get after wearing them. They are super comfortable and last a long time. By the way, if anyone out there has problems with smelly feet or shoes I'd highly recommend Odor X spray. It cured my smelly shoe problem 100%.

Best Fitness Sock

Compression Shorts with Phone Pocket – Exercise Apparel ( Mens and Womens )

Workout gear that fits well with a design that works. This is a cool company that was started by a passionate entrepreneur named Terry out in New York City.

Compression Shorts

Nike Dri Fit Running Shorts

Shorts that wick away sweat and don't get in your way.

Nike Running shorts

Bluetooth Headphones for Working Out

Once you go with bluetooth headphones you'll never go back to the wires! Charge them up for hours of use and easily pair with any smartphone. They are perfect for listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks while out on a run, exercising, or even while doing your grocery shopping.

Best headphones for working out

Brooks Ghost 9 Shoes

Treat that special someone to new shoes for the NEW YEAR! I've been running in Brooks Ghosts the last 3 years and feel like they are a fantastic shoe.

Running Shoes

Snapware Glass Tupperware

This set is perfect if you like to pre-cook meals on Sunday and have them ready to go for the week. It's also great for leftovers. The glass Tupperware is microwavable and tough.

Best Tupperware

Ninja Blender

A smoothie maker that's easy to clean with a cup you can drink from. These two features make the Ninja my smoothie blender of choice.

gifts for entrepreneurs

Panini Press

How do you take a boring sandwich to the next level? You throw it in a panini press for a few minutes and out comes a gourmet sandwich that looks like something you'd get at a fancy restaurant.

Panini Maker

Outdoor Recreation

Stand up Paddle Boards

Paddle boards will give you the ultimate freedom to get out on the water. These inflatable boards are made of military grade rubber and are just as durable as a raft. The boards can be deflated to fit in a backpack carrying case that can be thrown in the back of your compact car. Pretty amazing! I don't leave home without my paddle boards in the summertime anymore. I have both a 10 foot and 11 foot version from iRocker.

best standup paddle boards 2017

Fly Fishing Gear

Need a new hobby to free your mind from stress and business? If so, I'd highly recommend giving fly fishing a try. It's a fantastic hobby. And if you need gear, look no further then Bozeman FlyWorks. Their complete lineup of gear can be found at the Bozeman Fly Works website, or if you you are an Amazon Prime member you can find it on their Amazon store as well.

Fly Fishing Gift Ideas

Dagger Whitewater Kayak

If you love whitewater rafting or are an adrenaline junkie, it's time to take a kayaking course at your local university and to look into getting some gear. Kayaking is a really affordable sport once you have the initial equipment. The Dagger is my kayak of choice and what I take down the Gallatin River many a times every summer.

Dagger Kayak

Hybrid Bicycle for Commuting

Want to get around town fast and have a sharp looking bicycle? Specialized makes some awesome hybrid bicycles that are perfect for cruising the streets. I wanted something faster than a mountain bike, but a bike that could go on dirt trails or gravel if it had to. The Specialized Sirrus Sport was the answer. Why not also check out using someone like Shiply if you want this bike (or even motorbikes if you want something a bit more fancier), to help get this bike delivered to your home?

Best bikes for commuter entrepreneurs

Yeti Hopper Cooler

Yeti products aren't cheap, but they sure keep ice frozen and drinks cold for days. Their soft coolers come in a variety of sizes and are great for fishing trips, days out at the beach, and other outdoor festivities.

Yeti Tumbler and Yeti Accessories

Yeti tumblers and koozies will keep your drink ice cold for hours. They are a fantastic gift. Make sure to write your name on the bottom in case it gets left at a friends house though. If not they will most likely claim it and call it theirs because these tumblers are amazing!

Yeti Gift Ideas

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

A jacket that is warm — but not bulky and can be stuffed into a small pocket in your pack. Patagonia makes really nice jackets that are stylish and comfortable.


Arcteryx Vest

With this vest you'll fit right in while hanging out in any mountain town. Arcteryx products are made of the highest quality materials and are great gifts for the outdoor enthusiast in your family.

Arcteryx Vest

Croakies Eyewear Retainer

Can't keep track of those expensive sunglasses? Do you need something to keep your glasses safe while out on the lake? Croakies are perfect for this and are available in all sorts of designs and colors.


Classy Gifts

Wintersmiths Ice Chest

The secret to getting an ice sphere or cube crystal clear is one directional freezing. This means the ice cube is only able to cure from one direction ( in this case being from the top down ). All sides are insulated except the top. I originally funded this as a kickstarter project and have been using it for almost 2 years. It creates the perfect crystal clear ice spheres every time. Everyone will comment on the classy ice and how cool it is. Perfect for the whisky connoisseur or for anyone who likes to make fancy drinks.

Wintersmiths ice chest

Aeropress Coffee Maker

The Aeropress makes one of the best cups of coffee in my opinion. They are easy to use and simple to clean. In addition to using mine at home, it's also my favorite way to make coffee while out camping because it packs into the carrying bag and it cleans up easily.

Coffee gift ideas for entrepreneurs


Worlds Best Seat Back Organizer

Trying to keep the car organized is always a challenge. This back seat organizer made by my good friend Andrew's company has large oversized pockets and plenty of organization to get your vehicle in order and in ship shape.

best seatback organizer

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

The noise cancelling headphones are hard to go without once you try them. They'll block out the background noise so you can focus on whatever you need to be working on. They are fantastic for travel and while on the airlines. They'll help minimize the chance of hearing annoying conversations or little ones who are not happy travelers 🙂

Best Traveling Headphones

Travel Inspiration

Would you like to inspire someone to travel? Have them check out my friend Jackie's resources at TravelingJackie.com. She has a free Travel Podcast There are even group travel trips planned for 2017. So stay in the loop!

traveling jackie

Automobile Gift Ideas

Car Jump Starter and Portable Power

It's hard to believe this small device can charge a big car or pickup truck multiple times… But it is true! This little charger can be a lifesaver when you need it most.

car jump starter

25 Foot Jumper Cables

Jumping a vehicle can be a pain. Especially trying to get the running vehicle close enough to the vehicle that won't start just so you can hook up the cables. That's where the 25 foot cables come in handy. Simply pull on any side of the vehicle or to the back or front. These cables are plenty long to make whatever parking situation you are in work!

Jumper Cables

WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech makes mats that are custom cut to fit just about every vehicle perfectly. They'll protect your vehicle's carpet or factory mats from dirt, snow, rain, coffee spills, and other grime. Well worth the investment in my opinion!

WeatherTech Floor Mats

Bluetooth Hands Free Kit

This bluetooth hands free kit is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a vehicle with the bluetooth built in. Simply pair the kit with your phone and then push the button to tell it to dial.


Truck and Car Storage Solutions

I recently went from a Chevy Avalanche to a Toyota Tundra pickup and one of the big things I had to give up was built in storage. After doing some research on storage for pickups I came across this storage container. It's absolutely awesome for storing tow ropes, jumper cables, straps, and other necessities. It takes 10 minutes to install and has a quick release if you need to remove it. Definitely a great storage option. They make them for all brands of pickups.

Truck Storage

CB Radios

CB radios are all the rage for Jeepers, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts needing to communicate in the backcountry. My buddy Pat has one of the top CB radio stores around. Check 'em out!

cb radios

Computer Gifts

15″ Macbook Pro

If you are an internet entrepreneur, video editor, or designer you won't regret investing in a 15 inch Macbook. This computer is super powerful, slim, and has a lot of screen real estate. I do all my video editing for my DIY Projects Youtube channel using a 15 inch Macbook Pro and Final Cut X.

Macbook Pro

iPad Mini

iPads are super convenient for checking email, browsing the web, and reading books using the Kindle App.

ipad mini

Anker Phone and Mobile Device Charger

Hate running out of battery when you need it most? Get an Anker charger to recharge your smart phone or USB device.

Anker Charger


Custom Leather Watch Straps by TheStrapSmith

Finding the perfect leather watch strap to fit your style isn't easy. That's where Rob Montana comes in. His company has been making beautiful watch straps for years and will work with you to help you find the perfect strap. Many celebrities and athletes seek Rob out for his custom leather creations.

best leather watch straps

Classy Skagen Watch

Skagen makes downright SEXY watches at an affordable price. This slim profile watch looks classy and you'll get all sorts of compliments.

Skagen watch gift

Beard Oil and Men's Grooming Products by BeardBrand

No one knows beards better then Eric Bandholz. Eric is a good friend of mine with a massive beard and a YT channel and online store that sells more beard products then I'd know what to do with. The beard oils smell great and will make any beard soft.

Beard Oil Kit

Luxury Shaving Soap and Brush

It may feel like you are going back in time, but using shaving soap is getting popular again and definitely adds to the shaving experience. I've been using The Blades Grim products for a couple years now and they are great for getting a nice clean shave.

Luxury shaving kit

Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes

You can tell a lot about someone by their shoes. Allen Edmonds is a go to brand for classy shoes that are durable and made to last. These are sure to catch the attention of whomever you are in a conversation with next.

Allen Edmonds Dress Shoes

Anson Belt Gift Sets – Micro Adjustable Belts

Anson belts are awesome for so many reasons. First, you can mix and match. This means you can pick out any buckle you'd like, pair it with the belt color and style of your choice, and then custom cut the length to fit your waste. Second, the belt has a micro adjustment track system. After a big meal you might loosen the belt a couple clicks. After you leave the gym you might tighten is a few clicks. I don't think I'll ever own another brand of belt.

Best belts for men

Leather Brief Case

Up your style by getting a high quality leather briefcase to carry your documents, computer, and work stuff.

Gift ideas leather brief case

Favorite Sports Team Apparel

Fanatics is my store of choice for ordering apparel for my favorite sports teams. My teams are the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, and Minnesota Wild. You may wonder how it's possible to cheer for so many teams that always choke… We midwesterners have just gotten used to it… 🙂

Fanatics Sports Apparel

Gift Baskets and Food Gift Ideas

Cold Brew Coffee Brewing Kit

I love cold brew. This is seriously my favorite Cold Brew coffee on the planet for a lot of reasons. I should mention my brother started the company and so that has a big pull 🙂 But seriously, it is great coffee, has a fantastic startup story, and is an innovative company. They have all sorts of gear and SWAG on their website. They also have a DIY cold brewing kit which is awesome.

Uel Zing How to make Iced Coffee

Beef Jerky Gift Boxes from People's Choice Beef Jerky!

Beef jerky always puts me in a good mood…. And gifting jerky from People's Choice Beef Jerky will put a smile on your friend or family members face as well! Who would have thought jerky could have so many amazing flavors? I love this family run beef jerky company and would recommend their gift boxes to anyone.

Beef Jerky Gift Boxes
Personalized Gifts

Looking for a unique gift to give your good friend or family member? If so, look no further. SignsofTheMountains.com makes the highest of quality personalized aluminum signs. Ski trail signs, fishing access signs, cabin signs, and more. Their quick turnaround is second to none. I started this company in 2011, and it is now owned by my good friend and skiing buddy James of Bozeman, Montana.

Custom Ski trail signs



Audio books are super convenient and give you the ability to kill 2 birds with one stone. You can get in your daily run or commute and listen to a book at the same time. You will be surprised how fast you'll go through books once you try out audible. Click the link to get the first book for free!


Awesome book about building an online business and creating funnels

Russell Brunson is a genius in the world of online business. His book Dotcom Secrets will teach you all about creating funnels for your business to create more leads and conversions. I've learned a great deal from Russell and will be going to his conference called Funnel Hacking Live this year in Dallas. This book is free but you'll need to pay shipping.

Dotcom secrets book

Norwegian Wood

My father recommended this book to me and since reading it I've gifted the book to many of my friends. Who would have thought there was such an art to chopping wood and stacking wood piles? This is a very neat book.

norwegian wood book

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy is all about being consistent and learning to focus. This is one of my all time favorite books I recommend to everyone.

the compound effect

Need more ideas for great business books? Check out my post with over 35 book recommendations!

Arc Planner System

Every year I walk into numerous office supply stores to try and find the perfect planner. Not any more. For the last two years I've been using the Arc Planner System from Staples. You can customize exactly what you want in the planner and can move pages around easily using their simple binder system. You can order it online, but I'd recommend going into your local Staples so you can see all the options and pages they have to customize your planner.

best customizable planner

Camera Gear

GoPro Hero 4

GoPros are extremely convenient cameras for capturing footage from action sports, adventures, and while traveling.

Go Pro

Canon 70D DSLR Camera

The Canon 70D is a solid camera that will take amazing photos. In addition to photos, it does 1080 video as well. I've been using this camera the last couple years to film all the videos for my Youtube channel DIY Projects with Pete.

Canon DSLR Camera

Mirrorless Olympus Camera

Mirrorless cameras take great photos and are so much easier to travel with then a big and bulky DSLR. So many of my blogging and journalist friends swear by these compact little cameras.

Mirrorless Camera

Sennheiser Lavalier Microphone Kit

I create video content for my business and it is very important that I have good quality audio and the freedom to walk around without wires. These little lavalier mics are not cheap, but they've been my best investment in stepping up the quality of my video's audio.

Lavalier Mics

Rode Microphone

The factory microphones built in any video camera are less then optimal. Rode is a leader in the audio industry and this is the perfect mic to enhance the audio in your video creations.

Rode Microphone

USB Microphone for Voice Over or Podcasting

Audio is extremely important for retaining listeners to whatever you create. The Audio Technica ATR 2100 mic is affordable, has excellent sound, and can be plugged into any laptop via USB. It's how I record all voiceover and podcasts. This would make a fantastic gift!


Ape DSLR Camera Case

The Ape camera case engineers have thought of everything. This case can hold multiple cameras, microphones, filters, and batteries. It even has a spot for a 15 inch laptop and all kinds of accessories.


Amazon Basics Heavy Duty Tripod

A heavy duty tripod without the expensive price. I use this on a daily basis to hold my DSLR for photos and video. It's not great for traveling because it is somewhat heavy. Dolica makes a light tripod if you plan to put a full size tripod in a suitcase.

Affordable Tripod

Gifts for Pilots and Aspiring Pilots

Discovery or Intro to Flying Gift Certificate – Flying Lessons

Learning to fly has been one of the most rewarding accomplishments I've ever done. If you know someone interested in Aviation I'd highly recommend gifting them with an introductory flight to see if it's something they'd enjoy. Introductory flights are usually under $100 and are sometimes free. Check with your local flight school or call a local FBO. I went through Summit Aviation in Bozeman, Montana for my instrument rating.

Introductory Flights

Flight Bag

The lift headset bag is small enough to toss in the back seat while training, and big enough to hold your iPad, headset, maps, radio, and accessories.

Flight bag for Pilots

Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

Does your favorite pilot need a new headset? If so, the Bose A20 headset it the top of the line headset that every pilot dreams to own.

best pilot headset

Xplane Flight Simulator

Give the gift of aviation by inspiring someone to learn about flying using a computer simulator. I use the new xPlane 11 simulator along with rudder pedals and a yoke. CH products makes affordable accessories. I like Saitek as well, but they are more expensive. Sometimes Saitek products can be found affordably on eBay.

Saitek rudder pedals, Saitek Throttle Quadrant, CH Products Yoke, CH Products rudder pedals,

Gifts for pilots flight simulator

Home Made Gifts

Photo Books and Customized Gifts By Shutterfly

If you have time, home made gifts are always the best. Gift your favorite someone with a photo book of your last big adventure, trip overseas, or year in review. The hardcover books will be a talking point that can sit on the coffee table for years.

Gift Ideas Photo Books

Fun and Games

Settlers of Catan Board Game

This is a fun game that requires strategy to be able to take over the board. It's perfect for dinner parties or get togethers with friends and family.

Settlers of Catan Board Game

Cornhole Toss / Beanbag Toss

Cornhole is a fun game that is excellent for barbecues and get togethers out in the yard. This set has it all including a carrying case. If you are into DIY projects and would prefer to make your own boards please check out my video tutorial and free plans here. http://www.diypete.com/cornhole-board-plans/

cornhole toss


Vortex Binoculars

The new glass on the Vortex Diamondback binoculars for 2016 makes these a great addition to take with you out on a hunt or to have in the truck while site seeing. They are a good size and not too bulky.


Sitka Hunting Gear

If you are serious about hunting or not being seen out in the wilderness then Sitka makes the best gear I've found. It will keep you warm and dry for years out in the field.

Sitka hunting Gear

Game Camera

Game cameras are a fun item to have on your property to see what's running around your home. We have a cabin up in the mountains of Montana and I've seen moose, mountain lion, elk, and black bear on our camera. This trail camera can take photos or video.

Game Camera

Gifts for the Home

Baby items

Know someone with newborns or little ones around the home? Bibs and Binkies is your best bet for a top notch shopping experience for baby stuff. They are owned by my good friends Dustin and Rachel. Both are young parents and awesome fellow entrepreneurs.

bibs and binkies

Museum of Modern Art Perpetual Calendar

This cool calendar will get all sorts of comments when placed on your desk or counter. It is fun to change the date each day. Magnets keep the ball for the day and month in place.

Perpetual Calendar

Woodwick Candle

The wicks on these candles are made of hardwood and crackle like the sound of a fireplace. In addition, the scents this company comes out with are great.

Woodwick Candle

Infrared Sauna

I go in the sauna about 3 or 4 times a week after working out. You feel so good after relaxing in the sauna. This specific model works with a normal plugin and has all the bells and whistles. You can even hook up your phone to the speakers and listen to audible books, podcasts, or music.

Infared Sauna

Aqua Notes

A notebook that is waterproof so you can write your ideas down while in the shower. I love it and use it all the time.

Aqua Notes


Tool Set

Every home needs a basic tool set with sockets, wrenches, pliers, and screw drivers. Crescent is well known in the industry and makes a high quality tool set that will last for years.

Tool Set

Kreg Jig Woodworking Tool

The Kreg Jig is one of my favorite woodworking tools out in the shop. It creates pocket holes so you can hide the screws in the joints of your furniture.

Kreg Jig

2000 PSI Pressure Electric Washer

A 2000 PSI pressure washer is perfect for washing the car, cleaning the sidewalk, removing dirt from your siding, and all sorts of cleaning projects. This washer has a long electrical cord and hose real. Simply plug it in, hook up a hose, and you are good to go.

best power washer


Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Eames lounge chairs are a classic. Their sleek modern design will look great in your home.

Eames Lounge Chair

Comfortable New Mattress

Part of being productive and healthy is getting a good nights rest. If you are due for a new mattress take a look online as there are all sorts of options. This mattress is a favorite.

bed mattress

Standing Desk

With the push of a button this standing desk can be adjusted to any height. Break up your day by standing for a portion in between sitting. Standing desks aren't for everyone, but I sure enjoy mine. To save some money you can build the top yourself if you have some woodworking skills. Check out the link for a video on how I made the top for my desk.


Anti Fatigue Mat

An anti fatigue mat is a must if you are using a standing desk. This mat has plenty of cushion to keep your joints and feet comfortable.

Anti Fatigue mat

Business Software and Websites

Want to help get your friend or family started with business? If so, please check out the following recommendations I have that will get them get up and running fast.

Bluehost Web Hosting

No matter what type of business you have, a website is important. For the bloggers out there I'd recommend getting setup with a domain and hosting through Bluehost. With a simple one click integration you'll be able to set wordpress up easily.

Bluehost Ad - Think Entrepreneurship


It's important to get started on the right foot by keeping track of your income and expenses. Freshbooks is excellent software to do this. Xero Accounting or Quickbooks are other options if you want to stick with a product you may already know.

Freshbook Accounting

Click Funnels

The best converting lead generation and funnel system software available.

Click Funnels


Looking to sell things online? Need an online marketplace for your creations? Check out Shopify, it is simple and quick to setup a professional looking site.


Recovery Elevator Community and Podcast

Do you have a friend or family member struggling with Alcohol? Chances are you may know someone. Please help them out by sending them the link to RecoveryElevator.com. My good friend Paul's FREE podcast is a great resource to help out. He also provides a membership community for recovering alcoholics.

Recovery Elevator

Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Card

When all else fails, order a gift certificate for those hard to buy for folks. Many gift cards can be delivered instantly via email if needed.

Amazon gift card

Thanks so much for checking out this year's Holiday Gift Guide! I hope it provides some ideas on gifts for friends, family, or even yourself 🙂 Make 2017 amazing and best of luck with your businesses! Cheers from Montana. – Pete


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