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Think-Entrepreneurship-PodcastI'm absolutely thrilled to finally be launching the Think Entrepreneurship Podcast. In this show I will interview successful entrepreneurs from around the world and share their entrepreneurial journeys with you. I will work hard to find entrepreneurs that will be able to provide valuable advice that will inspire and help you in growing your business. As an entrepreneur myself, I am constantly learning and seeking advice from mentors and others who've already found success. In 2007 I started listening to podcasts while I run or drive around town. The content in the podcasts has been invaluable and has helped motivate me to continue along my entrepreneurial journey.

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Pete-Sveen---University-of-NebraskaA little about me and my Entrepreneurial journey

I am a 28 year old entrepreneur loving life out in Bozeman, Montana. I grew up in South Dakota and graduated from high school in 2003. I studied business- with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship – at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. During my studies I started a car detailing named Pete's Meticulous Detailing which provided me with a great income during school and also gave me the entrepreneurial bug. Professor Sebora of the UNL college of business also pushed me to pursue my passion and become an entrepreneur after graduating. During my senior year I picked up an internship with a large sales company that sold advertisements for people looking to sell private airplanes. It was a great job and taught me so much. They offered me a full time job upon graduating and I decided to turn it down.

Post College

Moving to Montana

My dad and I packed the U-haul. Montana bound.


First view of the Mountains on my new journey.

The day after graduating I packed up a U-haul and drove from Lincoln, Nebraska to Bozeman, Montana. I had always wanted to live in the mountains and so I decided to just go for it. I also went to Bozeman because I could be close to family as well. I started a t-shirt printing business in my garage and eventually moved  into a warehouse space in Bozeman. Things were busy but I didn't enjoy the chemicals and manual labor involved with screen printing. So, I stuck with what I enjoyed (the sales and marketing) and started outsourcing the printing to other companies. It was a blessing and the perfect move for me. I also learned about other printing techniques and found a new niche to specialize in. It started when I was making ski trail and hiking signs for friends and family as gifts. Before long people were asking if I could make signs for others so that's when I got into e-commerce.

Current Business and Projects

E-commerce – In 2011 I started my first e-commerce business named It is a very niche online retail store and has continued to grow each year. I love having the ability to market to the entire country 24/7. I've since found other niches to dive in and started a site named SignstoMotivate.comcustomskisignexpertsonly-snowboardsigns

Blogging / Consulting- I bought the Think Entrepreneurship domain in 2007 and blogged off and on until 2010. In 2010 I got serious about it and have been consistently posting and gaining traction. It's been a great experience and I've met people all over the world from it. I've also been able to provide tech consulting services as a result of the exposure from the blog. In 2013 I attended my first NMX conference in Las Vegas where I met all sorts of amazing internet entrepreneurs.


Real Estate – I've had the opportunity to get into real estate over the past few years. This year I am going in on building three 8 plex apartment buildings with a total of 24 units. As part owner, I will be bringing my marketing and management skills to the mix.

Other – I enjoy woodworking and DIY projects so I blog about projects and show others how to make neat furniture and projects at

Hobbies – Private Pilot, Whitewater Kayaking, Tennis, Golf, Downhill Skiing, Running, Fly Fishing, Hiking, Backpacking, Cross-Country Skiing, Reading, Wood Carving, Chainsaw Carving


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