Have you ever thought of getting an 800 number for your small business? In the past, it has been expensive to get an 800 number for a particular business venture and it was a process to set one up. Now, with the help of companies like Grasshopper.com you can get an 800 number service within minutes, set it up for multiple phones, forward calls to cellphones, and manage the whole system online, and is available for large-scale or small businesses. 

Benefits of an 800 number for Entrepreneurs

Why I decided to get an 800 number for my business?

When I started SignsoftheMountains.com (an internet retail store that sells trail signs) I wanted to build credibility and provide my customers with a toll free number to use. I also wanted to have multiple extensions for sales personnel and be able to answer the 800 number on the go.

What are the Benefits of having an 800 number on a business?

1. ProfessionalismAn 800 number for your business looks more professional to your customers and makes you look like a bigger and more established business. Having a dedicated business phone number for your company like Grasshopper with a professional voicemail greeting increases your customer's trust and confidence in purchasing from you.

2. Consistency –Having an 800 number allows you to grow your business and keep the same number throughout the process. With an 800 phone number service, you can add an unlimited number of extensions, forward calls, create voicemail greetings for each extension, and provide your customers with the same number throughout your companies growth.

3. Cost – 800 numbers are toll free and thus make it free for any customer to call your phone number.

Disadvantages: They have not created an app for the smartphone yet, making it easier to call out from your 800 number. However, I simply return calls on our business cell number, so it isn't a big deal. I love having the portability of answering my 800 phone number anywhere I go. Grasshopper does have an application in the works that I'd expect will be out within the next year. 2020 Update—there's an app for it.

How do you go about getting an 800 number and who's service do I recommend? 

After spending about a week researching 800 number services suitable for my business, I ended up going with a company named Grasshopper. Grasshopper advertises itself to entrepreneurs as being affordable, easy to use, professional, and flexible. After my research, I found that Grasshopper was very affordable, had many positive reviews, and would be helpful for my growing internet retail business.

1. To get started, go to Grasshopper.com (affiliate link) and click on Pricing and Signup in the upper right side.

2. Choose a plan for your 800 number. All plans can be cancelled without a termination fee and there are no long term commitments. I started with the $12 pay as you go plan and eventually moved up to a plan that included more minutes at a set price. 2020 update: Prices now start at $26/month with unlimited minutes.

Grasshopper Plans for Entrepreneurs

4. Choose your 800 number. (Custom 800 numbers including the prefixes: (800, 888, 866, 877, etc) are a $30.00 one time fee. However if you choose a random number that starts with 888, 866, 855, or 877 there is no setup fee.

Grasshopper - Choosing an 800 Number

 5. Enter your Payment information and the click continue. Your new 800 number will be instantly activated and you can login to setup your phones, voicemail, and so on.

Here are some videos about how grasshopper works.


I've been using Grasshopper as my 800 phone number service since mid 2011. It was easy to set up and I love how I can manage it all online. All of the voicemails are emailed to my phone and I was able to set up a label on my Smartphone so that I know if the call is business related. I display the 800 number in bold letters on my banner for the internet retail store (SignsoftheMountains.com – Screenshot Shown below). I'd highly recommend getting an 800 number for your business if you work nationally with clients.

800 Number Displayed on SignsoftheMountains.com

If you do decide to get an 800 number and found my review helpful, I'd appreciate you clicking on one of the affiliate links in this post as I will get a small commission for recommending a product that I use and believe in. You can also check out my 800 number services reviews post and my updated Grasshopper 800 number review.

Please comment below if you have any questions about getting an 800 number or if you have experience using a service like Grasshopper.com.