23: Legal and Entrepreneurial Advice with Nellie Akalp of Corpnet.com

Nellie Akalp is a mother of four children, an entrepreneur, legal expert, and founder of Corpnet.com. She talks about the differences between an LLC and S Corporation and covers what documents must be filed when starting a business. Nellie then goes into how to balance work with family life and why it is important to treat your competition with respect.

Company: Co-founder of Corpnet along with her husband Phil

Episode 23 Show Notes – In this episode Nellie and I talk about

  • Starting a business during college from a 2 bedroom apartment
  • How to incorporate a business and the legal documents that must be filed when starting a business
  • How to choose between starting an LLC or S Corp
  • Balancing family life and being a mom with running a successful company
  • Why you should not ever bash your competition
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Items mentioned in this podcast include:

Nellie’s Favorite Book
Delivering Happiness – By Tony Hsieh – Click here for a free copy of the Audio Version

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  • Great show Pete, had no idea that she was a part of My Corporation. That’s super cool.

    Thanks for sharing Nellie.