Episode 12 – The Voice Behind Your GPS and Apple iPhones Siri

You have heard the speaking voice of Karen Jacobsen – The GPS Girl, hundreds of times. She speaks to the majority of us everyday! Karen is the speaking voice in 40 million iPhones as the Australian SIRI voice s well as the voice in over 100 million GPS units giving drivers directions worldwide. Karen is a trailblazer helping others simplify and streamline their lives by “Recalculating,” and sharing how to create real direction in any business.


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Show Notes – Episode 12

Interview with- Karen Jacobsen of  GPS GIRL – www.theGPSgirl.com

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Favorite Quote

Done is Better Than Perfect.” – Unknown author

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Karen’s Favorite Books

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Attracting Perfect Customers – by Stacey Hall

How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven – by John Demartini

Growing Your Business – by Mark LeBlanc

Karen’s Projects and Contact Info

Karen’s Book – The GPS Girl’s Road Map for Your Future: Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat