– Update 10/8/2012 – Phones and Operating systems are constantly changing. If you have an iPhone and want to have unique rings simply download the free iPhone app named Boxcar.  I use Boxcar myself and love it. I followed the instructions in the video below to set up Boxcar with a “cash register” ring . It is pretty easy to set up. On a side note, Boxcar is currently working on an app for Android phones.

Android Users see below:

Learn how to set a Cash Register “Ka Ching” Ringtone for every Online Sale your E-commerce Store makes

Internet retailers will love this! My goal was to set a specific ringtone for my merchant processor's email address so that every time I got an email from them my ringtone would be Ka Ching like a cash register. Now everytime I get a sale online I hear it and have learned to love that sound.

I had been searching for an app or program to allow me to set a ringtone for individual email addresses. On both the Android and Iphone, you can set a unique ringtone for any phone number in your contact list, but they don't have a built in application to help with the process. After playing around with Gmail's application for a while I was able to find a way to accomplish setting a ringtone for certain email addresses. This works on the Android operating system, and it is very similar to set up on an iPhone. I will explain the steps to set up a unique ringtone for email addresses in three sections.

Gmail for Entrepreneurs

PART 1 – Creating a Gmail Label

Using Gmail for your Android or Iphone – This is a tutorial for the Android operating system, but it is very similar and can be used to help with setup on an iPhone as well.

a. Download the Gmail Application for your phone if you haven't already done so. Once the Gmail application is installed and you have set it up for your email address/addresses you are ready to start with the Think Entrepreneurship Tutorial on how to set a unique ringtone for any email address.

b. In Gmail go to settings (click on the gear in the upper right corner and scroll down to settings). Next click on labels.

How to Create an Individual Ringtone for Email Addresses

c.  Click on Create new label. You may have to scroll down a little ways.

Creating new Labels in Gmail - Ringtones for email addresses on Smart Phones

d. Name the Gmail label. I created a label named “Online Sales” that is used to distinguish all of the emails that mean a sale has been made on my e-commerce website name SignsoftheMountains.com. Once you've named the label click create. You have now completed part 1 of the tutorial.

Creating a new Label in Gmail for Individual Ringtones

Part 2 – Creating a Gmail Filter

a) Go to the gear in the top right corner and scroll down to settings. Next, click on filters and then create a new filter.

Create a New Filter in Gmail for Ringtones

b. Create your filter. All of my sale notifications come directly from my payment processor. I added the email address that my notifications come from in the “from filter” so that whenever I get an email from that address I'll have a unique ringtone. Next, click on Create Filter.

Creating a filter in Gmail for Specific Email Addresses

c. You'll want to apply the label to this filter. Apply the label that you created in Part 1 to the Filter. For my example I linked the Online Sales label to this particular filter. Next click Create Filter.

Setting up a filter in Gmail for individual Ringtones on Android and Iphone

d. This is what your filter will look like once it is completed. You are now finished with Part 2 of the tutorial.

Creating a filter in Gmail

Part 3 – Syncing Labels and Adding a Ringtone to your Smart Phone.

a) Install the Gmail Application to your phone if you haven't done so already. Then, click on the application to open it up.

Gmail Application on SmartPhone

b. Once the application is open go to settings. You may need to press the button that looks like four little squares (on an android) to get the settings page to come up. The button is below the screen. Then you'll click on more and go to settings. Once the settings / general preferences are open click on your email address.

Gmail Settings on Smart Phone

c. Click on Sync inboxes and labels

Gmail Syncing Labels

d. Find the label you created and then click it on your phone.

Gmail Syncing Labels

e. Click on Sync last 4 days or Sync all. Either will work.

Gmail Syncing Labels for Email Ringtones

f. Next go back to the settings page. Make sure email notifications (above Labels to Notify) is checked and green. Then click on labels to notify.

Email Ringtone Notifications in Gmail

g. Click on the label you created.

Setting Up Gmail Email Ringtone

h. Click on the Email notifications box to turn it on. Next, choose a ringtone from your phone. If you don't have a ringtone that you like, search ringtones on the internet to find one that you do. Finally, click ok. Your phone is now set up for a unique ringtone for the individual email address you have chosen! You can do this with as many different email addresses and labels as you'd like.

 I created a ringtone named KaChing that you can download here and then transfer to your phone. Ka Ching Ringtone for Phone – (Right Click on the link and to to “Save Link As.”

Gmail Application for Individual Email Ringtones

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