What does entrepreneur mean?

Thousands of people Google search for the definition of entrepreneur each day. In order to answer the question, I contacted 15 successful business entrepreneur to find out their definition of entrepreneur. 

Entrepreneurs from all stages in their careers were asked because we think our definitions change as we get to different times in our lives. We got some great answers, which are shared below.

Someone who envisions, creates, and evangelizes an idea that they are absolutely crazy about. That idea (it could be a product, book, consultancy) makes it easier for them to get up in the morning, work ridiculous hours, and keep their brain buzzing. The entrepreneur can work alone, within a company, or in a group, but he/she gets itchy at the thought of working a 9-5 job and following the orders of anyone who isn't efficient and imaginative.

Manoush Zomorodi

Author, Media Consultant

An entrepreneur omeone who can define the business they want to create, see where it is going, and do the work to get there.

Mark Cuban

Shark Tank Investor

To me, an entrepreneur is someone who mixes passion, innovation, and drive to turn a vision into a working business.

Jeet Banerjee

Founder of Statfuse.com

An entrepreneur is someone who has a bias towards action. Someone who views the world through a different lens. Someone who takes “no” for a challenge, not an answer.

Matt Mickiewicz

Owner of 99Designs, Flippa, Sitepoint

What differentiates entrepreneurs from everybody else is a vision of something that doesn't exist (either at all or in the form they envision) and the willingness to do what other people are unwilling to do to make that vision a reality.

Rob Irizarry

Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant, StartupBozeman.com

An entrepreneur is someone that goes out and does the work to create something that didn't exist before.

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Jamie Tardy

Eventual Millionaire

An entrepreneur someone who makes something useful or pleasurable out of nothing.

Michael Fitzgerald


An entrepreneur is someone who conceives an idea, creates a path to success, does whatever it takes to succeed and tries to dominate their market!

Matthew Toren

Blogger, Mentor, Investor, Small Business BIG Vision

An entrepreneur is someone who creates a new company from scratch.

Brad Feld

Founder of TechStars, Investor, Author, Startup Communities

A person who has so much passion for an idea that they're willing to risk almost everything to make their dream a reality.

Jared Tanner


To me, an entrepreneur is a person that orchestrates through their own personal gumption, initiative, and resources with a degree of insanity, collectively towards an effort to turn a business concept into a business reality.

Luke Kupersmith

Source Consulting

The single most defining characteristic of an entrepreneur is passion.  It helps to be pushy – pushy people deliver.  It helps to have a gimmick – a unique gimmick will give you a great leap over your competitors.  It helps to be willing to fail – all my best business successes came on the heels of what first appeared to be a big flop.  But great passion is what it really takes to build a successful business.

Barbara Corcoran

Shark Tank Investor

Entrepreneurs are business minded individuals who can see what others can't. They are willing to go after their vision until they hit it and expand it once they get it.

Billy Cox

Get in the Game and Allstar Sales books

An entrepreneur is an innovative, risk-taking individual who identifies a need in a market and finds a way to fill it, whether by using his or her own expertise and passion, the knowledge of others, or a combination of the three. More simply stated, an entrepreneur is someone who sees an opportunity and invests in it in order to turn a profit or provide a solution to some larger issue in the world.

Andrew Schrage


An entrepreneur is a starter, not just a dreamer. Anybody can think up an idea for a business, but not everyone can put rubber to the road and actually grow something that both matters and earns money. Taking action is the difference between entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs.

Caleb Wojcik


A person who solves problems for people, at a profit.

Jared Joyce

Inventor and Entrepreneur

To me an entrepreneur is someone who looks at life a little differently. They don't see the normal obstacles that life puts in our way and shy away like most of us do. They think the word “no” means “to find a different or better way”. They're continually learning, growing and reaching higher!

Carrie Smith

Consultant and Blogger, Carefulcents.com

Someone with the drive, persistance, and mindset to change the world by filling a need in the marketplace.

I thought I'd share my defintion of entrepreneur in addition to the responses from all of the business people who helped out with making this article possible.

Pete Sveen

Think Entrepreneurship Founder, DIY Pete

Thanks to all of the entrepreneurs who volunteered to submit their definition for entrepreneur.

Please comment below with your own definition for entrepreneur. We'd love to hear from you!

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*You'll notice there are more than 15 quotes. We had a few more responses trickle in!