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Hello! Welcome to ThinkEntrepreneurship.com. My name is Pete Sveen and I built this online community with a mission to help and inspire entrepreneurs like yourself.  I'm an online entrepreneur, influencer, blogger, pilot, outdoorsman, and adventure seeker. Think Entrepreneurship was founded in 2007 and I've shared what I've learned as a young entrepreneur for the last 14 years. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. 


Hi and thanks for dropping by ThinkEntrepreneurship.com! My name is Pete Sveen and I am a blogger, podcaster, Youtuber, avid outdoorsman, and Do it Yourselfer. I started this site in 2008 and have used it as a tool to share my experiences along my entrepreneurial journey, with a goal to inspire others to start their own businesses. I am able to do this by providing content about my failures and successes of each of my businesses.


The mission is to help and inspire as many other entrepreneurs as I can.

You are here because you are passionate about life and are either thinking about starting a business or learning more about how to grow it. As entrepreneurs, we are always learning and improving ourselves, our businesses, and our lives. To find success, we need to learn from each other and help one another. Thus, the Think Entrepreneurship community is a place for entrepreneurs to connect and grow together.

Cheers from Montana,


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The Journey

My entrepreneurial journey began when I started my first snow cone stand at just 9 years old. I saved up the money to buy my first tool box so I could help my dad with projects out in the shop. Lawn mowing took up my high school summers and upon finishing up high school in Aberdeen, South Dakota I packed up and headed off to college at the University of Nebraska.


I went to college with the idea I wanted to be a physical therapist. Turns out I decided to take Entrepreneurship 101 as an elective and my career path took a 180. I was so excited about business that I started a car detailing business and ran it my sophomore through senior years of college.

Car Detailing - How to start a car detailing businessMy passion for entrepreneurship continued to grow and I ended up placing second in a New Venture Plan competition that my favorite professor  Terry Sebora influenced me to compete in. He and the entrepreneurship program also connected me with Young Professionals Groups, angel investors, successful entrepreneurs, and mentors in the area. It was here where I had the opportunity to learn from Allen Dayton who is a very well respected and successful entrepreneur from Lincoln. He hired me to detail all 3 of his Ferraris and afterward we'd have a drink and he'd teach me about business.

Car Detailing business Idea - FerarriMoving to the Mountains

Upon graduating with a degree in management-entrepreneurship and a minor in economics I packed up a U-haul and moved to Bozeman, Montana to be near family and in the mountains. This is a photo of my dad and I the morning I took off for a new chapter of my life in Montana.

moving-to-montanaI started a custom screen printing business upon moving to Montana. This went on for a few years and I ended up getting burned out. I learned a lot from the business that I could take to the next. One was how to outsource printing so I didn't have to do the manual work and could focus on sales and marketing.

DIY-PETE-SCREEN-PRINTINGWhile running the printing company and various side businesses I continued to interview entrepreneurs so I could become a better entrepreneur myself and to inspire friends. Here is one of the first interviews I ever did. I have to admit that I was very nervous and that the video quality was poor. This was with Greg Gianforte of Right Now Technologies. Greg sold his business to Oracle for 1.4 billion dollars in 2011.

The turning point

In 2011 I started to focus more on the online side of things. I started an e-commerce store named signsofthemountains.com and put time into blogging. I came across a blog and podcast named SmartPassiveIncome with Pat Flynn. It was at this point that I learned how to monetize a website and to make money online. In fact here is my first ever affiliate check for $90 from Bluehost (affiliate link). Now my sites do $10,000 + per month in passive affiliate revenue.

My businesses are:

  • DIYPETE.com
  • REAL ESTATE – Partner in a 24 unit apartment complex

DIY PETE YOUTUBERIn the last year I've put most of my time into building DIYPETE.com. DIYPETE is a site and Youtube channel where I teach and inspire Do It Yourselfer's to build projects out of wood, metal, and concrete. The beauty of the online businesses is that I do what I love and am location independent. You can read all about the progress of my blog businesses in my 2014 year end review where I go through milestones on how I turned DIYPETE and THINKENTREPRENEURSHIP into businesses that together bring in over $10,000 of passive income each month. I've added to that by bringing in sponsors for projects as you can see I did with the video below done in collaboration with some large brands.

The Team

sam-sveen-editor-think-entrepreneurship1 Sam Sveen – Editor and Writer 

Sam is my younger brother and an English graduate from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He is passionate about music, art, and entrepreneurship. He is currently building his coffee bottling business named Uel Zing and helping out with ThinkEntrepreneurship as well.  Sam keeps the articles looking good and helps reach out to our readers and fans. Sam is a private pilot and very active in the local art and music community.


I hope you learned a little about Think Entrepreneurship and what we stand for. I'd love to hear more about what you are up to. Please join the newsletter to get in touch and for entrepreneur tips, advice, and inspiration.

Cheers from Bozeman, Montana – Pete