Top TV Shows about Entrepreneurs

Watching and learning about other Entrepreneurs is always exciting and an excellent learning experience. For the last few years my DVR has been filled up with hundreds of interviews, stories, and tv shows about Entrepreneurs. I’ve found that you can be inspired and learn so much from other people in business. My entrepreneur friends ask me what shows I most commonly watch, and so I thought I’d share my list with everyone!

1. Shark Tank – Website

Channel: ABC – Season 3 – Link to watch all Season 3 Episodes Online

Time: 8/7 Central -Hour Long Episodes

Shark Tank - Shows for Entrepreneurs

 Shark Tank is one of my favorite tv shows of all time. Entrepreneurs come on the show and pitch their business to famous venture capitalists. The investors include Mark Cuban (self made billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team), Lori Greiner (inventor of retail products and “Queen of QVC”), Kevin O’Leary (venture capitalist), Daymond John (fashion sesigner), and Robert Herjavec (technology innovator). 

The investors listen to the pitches, interrogate the contestants, and negotiate with the business owner about what type of investment they’d offer. Everything is on live tv and both sides must act quickly.


2. How I Made My Millions – Website

Channel: CNBC – Season 3 – Link to watch full episodes

Time: Varies  – Upcoming Episodes Below – Past episodes can also be viewed on iTunes and Hulu.

How I Made My Millions

How I Made My Millions is a television show on CNBC that goes in depth with company founders to find out about their entrepreneur story. The show typically interviews three companies per episode. The camera crew goes out to the companies, shoots footage in multiple locations, and puts everything together real nicely. I’d highly recommend this show. Some of my favorite episodes are about Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Life is Good Apparel, Firehouse Subs founder, and the Inventor of Super Soaker toy water guns.

      • HOW I MADE MY MILLIONS #12Saturday, February 25th 7:30PM ET
      • HOW I MADE MY MILLIONS #13Monday, February 27th 9:30PM ET
      • HOW I MADE MY MILLIONS #14Monday, February 27th 9:00PM ET
      • HOW I MADE MY MILLIONS #13Tuesday, February 28th 12:30AM ET
      • HOW I MADE MY MILLIONS #14Tuesday, February 28th 12:00AM ET


Channel: CNBC – Many Episodes available on Hulu

CNBC Titans - Top business shows for Entrepreneurs

CNBC Titans has in-depth specials with very prominent and successful business people. Some of my favorite episodes are about Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Jack Welch.

4. CNBC Originals

Channel: CNBC – Many Episodes available on Hulu

All types of great Shows

CNBC Originals - Best business shows for Entrepreneurs

Some of my favorite specials:

Coca-Cola – The real story behind the real thing. View by clicking this link

The Facebook Obsession – View by clicking this link

Inside the Mind of Google – View by clicking this link

Oprah Effect – Multiple episodes – No new ones recently – Click to watch an episode

Think Entrepreneurship - Top tv shows for entrepreneurs

– It’s amazing what Oprah has done for many small businesses. Her tv show has an estimated 44 million views per week. Oprah sometimes mentions businesses she loves and invites them to her show. Companies mentioned on her show or in O Magazine see a huge growth in sales and often sell out of inventory immediately.

Entrepreneurs  – Click to watch an episode

The Entrepreneurs - Think Entrepreneurship

– Although I haven’t seen any episodes recently, there have been many great ones in the past. My favorite episode is about Tom’s Shoes.

In addition to watching television programs and movies about entrepreneurs, I also love to read business books and biographies about business people, strategy, and inspiration. Please comment on this post if you have other favorite shows to share. I will be doing a future post on “Top Movies for Entrepreneurs” as well as reviews of a few books.

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  • Eric Reisbold

    Great post. Ive seen quite a few of the CNBC specials and agree that their content is top notch. Love your entrepreneur tips!

  • Kathy Tobin

    Hi Pete! Awesome information. Always love checking out the blog to see what’s new. Take Care. – Kathy

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  • John Corcoran

    I love “How I made my Millions” as well. I think I saw an episode with the creators of Honest Tea and Nantucket neckwear a few years ago. It was great.

    • Pete Sveen

      Yep, I saw the Nantucket episode as well. Another favorite was when they interviewed the “Life is Good” guys.

  • Herby Fabius

    Shark Tank is by far my favorite. I love everything about it and don’t get me started on Mr. Wonderful AKA uncle Kevin.

    • Pete Sveen

      He’s a real character isn’t he! Gotta love Mr. Wonderful…

  • Tom Psillas

    I love Shark Tank, How I made my Millions, The Profit, and American Greed. American Greed is great for learning networking, persuasion, and sales skills. Just don’t use them the wrong way and you can learn a lot. I started the Dolphin Venture Fund and I can still learn a lot.

    • Pete Sveen

      Thanks Tom! Will have to check out the Dophin Venture. Cheers

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  • Allan Paredes

    Hello, I’m Allan from Peru. One favor, Last week I saw a tv program about normal people invents. The channel was H2 (History 2), The hostess is a beautiful, tall girl who is also an engineer. I would like to know any name, show name4, contact, for my idea. It could be the beginning of something. Thanks